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to aid those suffering during this crisis

We just travelled through Italy and especially Lombardy
where most of the worst cases are..

And we made sure we didn't get any infection by taking extra steps to protect ourselves. You see, we are two doctors living in Europe, travelling in our campervan. We are in the at-risk age-group and we were living in Italy when the outbreak took hold. So we already knew what to do. We swung into action straight away, before anyone else with our handwashing and social distancing.

Want to know exactly what we did?

We were travelling on public transport, eating out, visiting museums etc and even though we were older and in the at-risk age group, we kept ourselves safe, because we know to take care of ourselves and also how to avoid other infections such as influenza.

You see we've been family doctors or GPs for over 30 years each. We've seen SARS, MERS, flu outbreaks and other coronavirus infections and we've had such experience we put it all into operation and protected ourselves even though we were in the eye of the hurricane.

Find out what foods and supplements will boost your immune system to help fight off any contact with the virus. All backed by science and we include all our scientific references for you to read for yourself.

Your whole family can do all this including your elderly relatives.  

So there is no reason to think twice. Coronavirus is coming to your town and you need to be prepared.

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